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Are Your Employees Healthy? Important Tips You Should Implement

Are Your Employees Healthy? Important Tips You Should Implement

Health is an integral part of an employee’s overall performance in an organisation and it has a direct impact on organisational growth. Indians have the longest working hours in the world, an average of 52 hours a week. If an employee is putting in so many hours it means that they need to be in good health to be able to be productive at work. If the health of employees is not taken seriously, it will backfire on the company as it is directly linked to absenteeism. This will, in turn, hamper the company’s growth.

Here are some active steps that your organisation needs to take. 

  1. Include exercise as a part of everyday routine

Exercise needs to be a part of your employees daily lifestyle. This can only happen when the employees make a conscious decision to incorporate it into their life; however, as an organisation you can facilitate this change of lifestyle because it is vital.


– Fit employees are less likely to use sick days

– Exercise gives employees more energy

– Fitness reduces employees stress levels


– Employees who are fit are more confident – Exercise gives employees a feeling of self-confidence creating a sense of poise and allowing them to set higher goals to strive for excellence.

– Exercise contributes to a better attitude – When people exercise, it changes the chemicals in the body thus contributing to better moods.

What can you do:

– Outdoor activities – Planning interdepartmental matches can be one good way to encourage fitness. Another way would be to organise hikes and treks over the weekend. Although these are not sustainable they definitely promote fitness as well as promote teamwork.

– Initiate a fitness program – A fitness program is the best solution for a long-term plan. Initiating a program will show the employees that the organisation cares about their well-being. Wellness programs should not be boring, if it is done in a creative way it will be a lot more effective. An example of this would be – A major editing company recently did a challenge with their employees who were overweight that if they lost a certain number of kgs they would get a Fitbit.

– Activity room – If your organisation has the budget, an excellent idea would be to have an activity room which can have table tennis etc

  1. Encourage healthy eating habits

Eating is a rushed activity these days. Many people no longer sit down and stop in order to have a full meal. Full meals have been replaced with fast-food and snacks which are not healthy by any standard.

What can you do:

– The organisation can replace food choices of employees with healthier choices.

– Another idea would also be to keep a stock of fruits that employees can have at a minimal cost or no cost on certain days.

One line by Arthur Schopenhauer, the famous German philosopher best concludes this as, “The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness”. Your organisation may feel that health and wellness programs are expensive but by saving that certain amount of money will prove to be costly in terms of employee productivity and engagement.

We have come up with a robust employee wellness initiative. It is India’s only holistic employee wellness initiative. To know more about how you can implement an initiative which will help your organisation, as well as your employees, contact us.

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